Novadaq® Technologies Inc. (TSX: NDQ), based in Toronto, develops and commercializes medical devices based on its proprietary imaging platform for the diagnosis and treatment of human vascular, ophthalmic, and neurologic diseases and conditions. Novadaq’s SPY Intra-operative Imaging System allows surgeons to capture, review, print, and archive high-quality image sequences of blood flow in vessels and micro-vessels, tissue, and organ perfusion within minutes and in real-time. SPY technology is FDA cleared for use in coronary artery bypass, cardiovascular, plastic, reconstructive, micro, organ transplant and gastointestinal surgery. Through an agreement with Intuitive Surgical, the SPY Imaging System is also available for use with the da Vince Surgical Robotic System. This integrated system, referred to as FIREFLY, is FDA cleared with initial uses in applications ranging from urology to gynecology.

The company is also developing an endoscopic version of SPY called PINPOINT®, that combines the capabilities of SPY Imaging with the high-definition visible light imaging capabilities of a traditional endoscopic system. PINPOINT can be used as a traditional endoscope as well as to obtain fluorescent images on demand or in simultaneous imaging mode during minimally invasive surgery. Novadaq is currently sponsoring a clinical trial of patients undergoing laparoscopic colectomies to study the clinical impact of visual perfusion assessment using the PINPOINT system.

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