HyperBranch Medical Technology, a privately-held company based in Durham, N.C., is developing innovative medical devices for the ophthalmology, general, and specialty surgery markets. The company is focused on the development of unique products based on its novel dendritic hydrogel technology. HyperBranch’s lead product, OcuSeal liquid ocular bandage, uses its dendritic hydrogel as a protective barrier to reduce patient discomfort associated with compromised ocular tissues in post-surgical, post-traumatic, and non-traumatic ocular conditions, such as corneal abrasions, cataract incisions, and sclerotomy incisions. OcuSeal can be applied faster and more easily than traditional suturing and provides an effective microbial barrier.

In addition to the ocular bandage, development work on HyperBranch’s surgical sealant platform has led to the recognition of several novel hydrogel properties that suggest significant utility in a variety of clinical applications. The company most recently announced they had completed patient enrollment for a U.S. pivotal trial for Adherus™ AutoSpray Dural Sealant in neurosurgery patients. Adherus AutoSpray is CE marked and has been commercially available internationally since May 2012.