Alder Biopharmaceuticals, based in Bothell, Washington, uniquely identifies, develops, and manufactures novel antibody therapeutics to alleviate human suffering in the autoimmune and inflammatory disease areas. Alder's management team combines decades of industry experience with a proven track record for identifying and developing novel antibody therapeutics.

Today the company is actively engaged in developing its own proprietary therapeutics and enabling partners through out-licensing of its technologies. Their first drug candidate is ALD518, a humanized monoclonal antibody that blocks the inflammatory protein IL-6. Alder entered into an agreement with Bristol-Myers to co-develop ALD518 for rheumatoid arthritis but has retained the commercial rights for its use in cancer-related conditions. Additional promising pipeline products include a treatment for migraines that has just entered the clinic and an anti-PCSK9 antibody that has been shown preclinically to reduce cholesterol levels.